The Beach Bots, one of the winners of the FIRST Championship in St. Louis, are sponsored by NASA's JPL A team from Palmdale Aerospace Academy,  won the regional competition Sixty-six teams competed at the Los Angeles Regional FIRST Robotics Competition on March 11 and 12. Nanor Asadourian, left, and Anna Parsamyan, right

The FIRST Robotics Competition is a national engineering contest which immerses high school students in the exciting world of engineering. Teaming up with engineers from businesses, universities and research institutions, the students get a hands-on, inside look at the engineering profession. In January, student teams across the country receive the same box-of-parts and have six weeks to design, construct and test their robot. The teams then compete in a spirited, no-holds-barred tournament complete with time clocks, referees and cheerleaders.

Working with adult mentors, students have six weeks to design, build, program and test their robots to meet the season's engineering challenge. The teams then participate in one or more of 105 regional and district events that measure the effectiveness of each robot, the power of collaboration and the determination of students.

This year, two teams mentored by NASA centers were in the winning alliance at the national FIRST ("For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology") Championship in St. Louis on April 30. They joined a third team to take the first-place honor at this international robotics competition, which attracted about 20,000 youth participants from 39 countries. Read full story

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