October 2023


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Carve a pumpkin like a NASA engineer, share your space-themed costume and discover mysterious locations throughout the solar system and beyond! These online resources will get you spacing out with NASA this Halloween.


Want to make an out-of-this-world Halloween pumpkin? Take a cue from the engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. It’s their job to design and build robots that can travel millions of miles to study other planets – and sometimes even land and drive around on the surface. So during Halloween, they can’t help but use their free time to bring some of that same creative thinking to designing stellar pumpkins inspired by space exploration. Explore the links below to see some of the pumpkins created by NASA engineers and do it yourself with our how-to guide.

If mechanical pumpkins aren't your thing, these space-themed pumpkin stencils from NASA's Space Place will add some stellar flare to your Halloween celebration.

› En Español: Plantillas para calabazas

Sweet Science:

As you bite into your Halloween candy this year, see if you can describe the layers inside it like NASA scientists do when studying rocks on Earth and Mars.

Scary Space:

Explore some of the most mysterious and eerie places in the galaxy in these online galleries.


› En Español: ¡Haz una máscara de planeta!

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