Graphic with colorful geometric shapes and a rendering of the Perseverance rover. The text on the image reads You've Got Perseverance! Nominate by Dec. 31


Nominate by Monday, Dec. 19



Target Audience:

U.S. educators for grades 6-12


NASA’s “You’ve Got Perseverance!” award opportunity invites U.S. teachers, educators, and community members to nominate students in grades 6-12 who have demonstrated that they have the right stuff to move past obstacles and reach their academic goals. The program will reward that dedication with recognition from the Perseverance rover all the way on Mars!

Selected students will:

  • Get a special message sent directly from the Perseverance rover on Mars!
  • Chat with the rover team members from mission control at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Get a printed materials award pack loaded with mission essentials

› Learn more and nominate a student

Opportunity opens Monday, Nov. 21. Nominate by Monday, Dec. 19.

Note: This is the fifth of six nomination opportunities. Check the website for future dates. 

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