Tracking sea level rise rates at JPL


Saturday, January 20, 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.


Chino Basin Water Conservation District, 4594 San Bernardino St., Montclair, California

Target Audience:

Teachers for grades K-12


Update: Jan. 16, 2018 – This workshop is full. See below for online lessons and resources related to this workshop.

Explore activities and methods for bringing standards-aligned Earth science activities into your classroom using NASA data. The California Regional Environmental Education Community and the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools Office will open the session with an introduction from experts at the Chino Basin Water Conservation District. Then, we'll use Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) aligned activities developed by the Center of the Collaborative Classroom and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to help students make connections in the classroom.

  • This workshop is not available online; you must be physically present to participate.
  • Please note that a portion of the session will be outdoors, so please dress for the weather.
  • This workshop is limited to educators at U.S.-based institutions and organizations.

Questions? Call the Educator Resource Center at 818-393-5917.

Can't attend the workshop? Explore these standards-aligned lessons and resources online.

  • Water Filtration Challenge – Learn how to filter and recycle water for varying applications, ranging from agriculture to providing clean drinking water to astronauts.
  • Watershed Education – Experience NGSS by using the concept of watersheds as a lens to explore hands-on engagement in scientific practices in the classroom and the outdoors.

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Center for the Collaborative Classroom and the National Science Teachers Association have teamed up with the Los Angeles County Office of Education to offer a series of professional development workshops. These free half-day events focus on exciting science themes and are designed to help teachers bring NGSS practices into the classroom. Hosted by experts, each workshop is an opportunity to see real-world applications of NGSS, ensuring meaningful context to take back to your students.

Upcoming series workshops: 

  • Promoting STEAM – April 14, 2018

Check NASA/JPL Edu Events as the workshop dates near for more details and registration info.