A collaborative design and mission concept architecture team for Earth-orbiting and interplanetary CubeSats, NanoSats, and SmallSats.

Team Xc members at work
Team Xc member holding CubeSat
Team Xc members at work
Team Xc members at work

Team Xc is JPL’s collaborative design team for space mission concepts with constrained cost, mass, and volume budgets. The virtual team was created as a response to the recent increasing demand for rapid SmallSat, NanoSat, and CubeSat concept generation. Team Xc draws from JPL experts including those experienced in designing, building, launching, and operating CubeSats, and occasionally external subject matter experts, depending on the customer’s need for the study.

Team Xc services include:
Feasibility Assessments
Tradespace Explorations
Point Designs
Proposal/Concept Reviews

Alex Austin – Lead Engineer
Ph: 818-393-7521