The STO-2 Turkey Trot 5k Team

Start line of the Turkey Trot 5k

Thanksgiving Dinner at the McMurdo Galley

Thanksgiving Dinner salad bar at the McMurdo Galley

Thanksgiving Dinner vegetable and potato line at the McMurdo Galley

Thanksgiving Dinner turkey line at the McMurdo Galley

Thanksgiving Dinner dessert bar at the McMurdo Galley

LDB table 1 at Thanksgiving Dinner

LDB table 2 at Thanksgiving Dinner

Settlers of Catan at the Coffee House

Thanksgiving here is celebrated on the Saturday after Thanksgiving in the States. 

For most people on the STO-2 team, it was a normal workday. However, a few of us started our day with the McMurdo Turkey Trot, a 5k race. People showed up in costumes and had a great time despite the first half being uphill and into a 20 mph wind! STO-2 supplied four runners out of 108: Kate from the gondola team, and Craig, Kay, and myself from the instrument team.

After the race, we went back out to the Long Duration Balloon facility to work for a few hours before coming back to prepare for our 7 p.m. seating in the McMurdo galley. People generally dress up a little from their normal workday clothes. The meal was a Thanksgiving feast! We chose from four different kinds of salad, root vegetables, green-bean casserole, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, gravy, turkey, and four different kinds of pie and cheesecake!

After dinner, we played a few games of "Settlers of Catan" at the coffeehouse and then danced the night away at a laser-light dance party.


  • Jenna Kloosterman