I Love Comets

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Thanks for participating in NASAJPL's "I <3 Comets" campaign and spreading the love. Show everyone how much you adore comets by posting this badge on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever else you choose. And don't forget to check out the Love Comet-O-Meter, plus more comet Valentines and ways to join the conversation at http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/heartcomets.

Download Instructions

Download to a mobile device: Hold your finger over the photo, and a dialog box should appear. Select "save to phone" (or the like) and look for it in your device's photo album or other standard photo repository. From there, it's all yours to do with it as you please! (Note: this process should work for most smartphones and other smart mobile devices.)

Download to a computer: Right-click on the photo and select "save picture as ..."