Asteroid Watch Widget Installation


› Installation for Macs with OS 10.4 or later

› Installation for PCs and Macs with Yahoo! Widgets installed.

Mac OS X Yahoo Widget
Installing on Mac OS 10.4 or later

1) Download widget for Mac OS 10.4 or later and save file to the desktop.


2) The downloaded file will be named - double click on this file to uncompress the widget. This will then place the widget file (asteroid.wdgt) on your desktop (see figure below)

downloaded uncompressed file

3) Double click on the widget file (asteroid.wdgt) to install it, a popup dialog box will prompt you (see figure below). Choose Install

popup dialog box, choose install

4) The asteroid widget has now been successfully installed. A pop-up window will show a preview of the widget. Click on "Keep" at the bottom of the pop-up to finish installing the widget.

Installing on PCs and Macs with Yahoo! Widgets

1) If you don't already have Yahoo! Widgets application installed on your computer, get the free download from This application is required to install the Asteroid Watch Widget.


a. New installations will show a dialog prompt (see below). Press "I Accept" to proceed.

New installations will show a dialog prompt

2) Once Yahoo! Widgets application is installed on your computer, you can download the Asteroid Watch Widget by clicking on the appropriate download link (see below) and save file to your desktop.

Choose Yahoo! Widget

3) The file is saved as a compressed file named:


a. Double click on the file. There should be a file inside named Asteroid Watch.widget. To uncompress it, drag it anywhere on your desktop.


4) Once you have uncompressed the file onto your desktop, look for this icon:


5) Double click on the icon to install. The following dialog prompt will appear, click Yes to proceed.

dialog prompt, click yes to proceed

6) Next, the widget screen will appear, click on Use Widget to begin using.

click on Use Widget to begin using

› Download these instructions (Word Document - 536 Kb).



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