Janitorial Services

| DATE DUE: January 31, 2018, 3:00 PDT

Contact Person: Emil Keshishian, Subcontracts Manager

Contact Email: emil.keshishian@jpl.nasa.gov

Contact Phone: 818-393-7532



This serves to advise industry that it is the intent of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) to compete its Janitorial Services Subcontract, which includes: (1) 4800 Oak Grove Drive, Pasadena, California and (2) Building 600 Data Center, 500 West Woodbury Road, Altadena, California and its associated emergency generator and other peripheral properties (over 170 acre facility with more than 200 buildings and trailers [approximately 2.8 million square feet]).

The subcontract awarded as a result of this RFP will be in effect for three (3) years with the possible award of seven (7) one (1) year options. The subcontract awarded as a result of this RFP is scheduled to begin transition approximately in July 2018. The subcontracts that this effort will succeed, is scheduled to expire on September 30, 2018. A phase-in period is planned between the award of this subcontract and the expiration of the existing subcontract.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) invites your organization to submit a written proposal in conformance with the instructions contained in this letter and its enclosures, which comprise the RFP for JPL’s acquisition of the subject effort.

This RFP does not commit JPL or the Government of the United States to pay any costs incurred in submitting your proposal, making studies or designs for preparing the proposal, or in procuring or subcontracting for services or supplies related to the proposal.

This RFP is being issued at this time in order to maintain project schedule and to allow for timely award of a subcontract if the anticipated funding arrives in a timely fashion.

All questions made to JPL after the official RFP release date must be received in writing. The questions and answers will be posted on the RFP website. This website will contain the RFP and a continually updated set of all questions and answers pertaining to the RFP, in the form of addendum.

Submit the original of your proposal plus ten (10) copies and submit your proposal by email to the undersigned.

Please note that your proposal is due at JPL no later than 01/31/2018, 3:00 PM Pacific Time.

As a convenience to JPL, you are requested to provide the undersigned, by no later than 01/12/2018, an e-mail statement that you do or do not intend to submit a proposal.

Should you have any questions, please address them to the undersigned by phone or e-mail.

Very truly yours,
Emil Keshishian
Subcontracts Manager, Acquisition
(818) 393-7532
E-mail: emil.kshishian@jpl.nasa.gov





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