Sammy Kayali
Sammy Kayali is the Director for the Office of Safety and Mission Success at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He was appointed the Deputy Director of the Office of Safety and Mission Success in October 2015 after having served as the Deputy Manager of the GRACE Follow-On mission. Prior to that, he was the Mission Assurance Manager for the Juno Mission to Jupiter which launched in August 2011.

Since joining JPL in 1988, Mr. Kayali has held several engineering and management positions at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory including Mission Assurance Manager for, the Prometheus Project, and the Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter Mission, Manager of the Electronic Parts Engineering Organization, and Manager of the NASA Electronic Parts and Packaging Program.

Mr. Kayali’s specialty is in the area of compound semiconductor device reliability where he has over 30 publications, and a published book on the subject of GaAs MMIC Reliability. He is the recipient of the NASA Exceptional Service Medal, the NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal, and the Engineer’s Council Distinguished Engineering Achievement Award. He holds degrees from Texas A&M University and Sam Houston State University in Electrical Engineering and Solid State Physics.