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This site features stories of the remarkable women at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory who are pushing the boundaries of human knowledge as they explore the unknown. Leaders in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and beyond, these inspirational women have achieved great successes and at times faced challenging odds to become the role models they are today.

Since its beginnings as the NASA facility that built and helped launch the first American satellite, JPL has distinguished itself as a trailblazer in the robotic exploration of space, sending spacecraft to every planet in the solar system, exploring the deep chasms of our universe and creating technology to improve our lives here on Earth. While engineering and science are at the core of JPL's activities, it takes experts in various fields, including technology, business, communications and education to make our missions successful.

Created in support of NASA's Women and Girls Initiative and the Women at NASA website, Women at JPL aims to highlight this wonderful diversity of professional opportunities available at the laboratory and to encourage and inspire the next generation to pursue STEM careers. The selected features represent just a small sample of the thousands of stories from women whose careers span various fields at JPL and NASA. Hear their stories now and continue to check back here as we share more of the outstanding achievements of women at JPL and at NASA.