Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer


Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE)

One Year of NEOWISE Observations Mapped

NEOWISE: A Yearlong Look at the Sky

A NASA spacecraft using infrared imaging discovered 40 near-Earth objects in one year and observed many others, including a comet that has become this month's brightest.

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Recent News

The marked asymmetry of the debris disk around the star HD 181327 Volunteer 'Disk Detectives' Classify Possible Planetary Habitats

Citizen scientists are busy sifting through images from the WISE mission, logging 1 million potential planetary habitats.

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Do you see any recognizable shapes in this nebulous region? Illusions in the Cosmic Clouds

Pareidolia is the psychological phenomenon where people see recognizable shapes in clouds or otherwise unrelated objects.

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NEOWISE Spies Activity on Comet Catalina NEOWISE Spots a Comet That Looked Like an Asteroid

Comet C/2013 UQ4 (Catalina) was originally thought to be an asteroid, but observations by NASA's NEOWISE spacecraft indicate that it's a comet.

Read more (July 23, 2014)

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Amy Mainzer, a scientist and instrument builder, is deputy project scientist for the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer. This spaceborne telescope, scheduled to launch in 2009, will survey the entire sky.

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