Video Transcript: Simulation of What Juno Will 'See' From Jupiter Orbit

This animation shows how Jupiter will appear to the camera onboard NASA's Juno mission, called JunoCam, as the spacecraft goes through an orbit. Juno will circle Jupiter every 11 days from an elliptical orbit. During the majority of this orbit, the spacecraft is at a large distance from the planet, so Jupiter will appear quite small in JunoCam's wide field of view.The camera was designed to get its best images when the spacecraft is close to Jupiter, particularly when it is right over the poles, a unique vantage point provided by Juno's polar orbit.

The animation shows one frame per hour over most of Juno's 11-day orbit, and one frame per minute near perijove, or the point where the spacecraft is closest to Jupiter. The animation was created by Mike Caplinger at Malin Space Science Systems, SanDiego, Calif.

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS