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Topex/Poseidon Media Room
NASA's Topex/Poseidon Oceanography Mission Ends
The joint NASA/Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales Topex/Poseidon oceanography satellite ceased operations after nearly 62,000 orbits of Earth.
  + Latest news release (Jan. 5)

  + Related feature: Sailing Off Into the Sunset (Jan. 5)

    + Mission press kit (PDF - 343Kb) (posted August 1992)
  + Fact sheet: Oceanography from space
  + Mission home page

artist's concept of Topex/Poseidon
Artist's concept
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Topex/Poseidon data from Nov. 10, 1997
+ El Nino Watch 1997


     Video (Quicktime 14.2Mb) + With caption | + Without caption

  + Podcast: Legacy of Topex/Poseidon

  + Audio clips with Dr. Bill Patzert, JPL oceanographer, and Mark Fujishin, also of JPL, Project Manager for the Topex/Poseidon mission.


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