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       NASA Honor Awards recognizing some 6OO persons as individuals and in groups will be presented Wednesday, Dec. 5, at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena.

       JPL Director Lew Allen and Deputy Director Robert J. Parks will preside during ceremonies that will begin at 9:3O a.m. in von Karman Auditorium. Dr. Burton I. Edelson, NASA associate administrator for space science and applications, will give remarks and help Dr. Allen present the awards.

       The Honor Awards are given annually in recognition of outstanding achievements throughout NASA. This year's citations at JPL include 31 individual and eight group Honor Awards, many for contributions to the successful mission of the Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS) in 1983. (IRAS personnel from England and the Netherlands will receive NASA Honor Awards in ceremonies in their home countries.) Two NASA Headquarters Awards will also be given during the JPL ceremonies. The list of JPL winners follows. Exceptional Service Medal

       Sixteen JPL employees are to receive this award:

       -- Waldo J. Castellana of Seal Beach, for outstanding contributions in managing the integration, test and launch activities for IRAS.

       -- Dr. Thomas J. Chester of Altadena, for outstanding contributions to the analysis of the scientific products of the IRAS mission.

       -- Harry E. Cotrill of Vista (formerly of La Canada), for outstanding achievements as deputy manager of the Applied Mechanics Division and excellence in the performance of broad range of assignments.

       -- John H. Duxbury of South Pasadena, for outstanding contributions as manager of the IRAS scientific data analysis system.

       -- Robert Frazer of La Canada, for outstanding contributions in the rebuilding of the focal plane detector array for IRAS.

       -- John E. Fuhrman of Northridge, for skillful leadership and outstanding success in organizing and directing large set of diverse service functions at JPL.

       -- Dr. Albert R. Hibbs of Pasadena, for his unique skills and success over period of two decades in explaining the complexities and significance of space exploration to the general public via radio and television.

       -- Jay A. Holladay of La Canada, for outstanding achievements in the development of the end-to-end information system for the IRAS mission.

       -- Dr. George C. Hsu of La Crescenta, for noteworthy achievements in the development of improved processes for making high-grade silicon powder for use in the production of photovoltaic cells and semiconductor devices.

       -- J. Charles Klose of Glendale, for exceptional leadership and technical skills in the development and management of the Pilot Ocean Data System.

       -- Dr. William I. McLaughlin of La Crescenta, for outstanding contributions and leadership in the mission design for IRAS.

       -- Carl D. Newby of Tujunga, for exceptional contributions in the development and management of mechanical and fabrication services for JPL flight efforts.

       -- William E. Porter of Pasadena, for exceptional leadership and skill in managing and coordinating JPL's contractual relationships with NASA and other sponsors.

       -- Dr. Kumar N.R. Ramohalli of Pasadena, for varied contributions to combustion research, especially studies of the combustion of composite materials, including solid propellants.

       -- Phillip A. Tardani of Alhambra, for sustained contributions to the building and operation of the overseas stations of the NASA Deep Space Network and, in particular, for 14 years of service in Spain.

       -- Robert H. White of Glendale, for outstanding leadership in organizing and carrying out the redesign and rebuilding of the IRAS focal plane detector array. Equal Employment Opportunity Medal

       Willis G. Meeks of Pasadena will receive the Equal Employment Opportunity Medal for exceptional contributions to JPL's Affirmative Action Program. Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medal

       Three employees will receive this award:

       -- Dan A. Bathker of La Canada, for outstanding and sustained contributions to the development of high- performance microwave technology for ground systems.

       -- Walter E. Brown Jr. of La Canada, for pioneering achievements and sustained contributions to the JPL radar development program.

       -- Peter V. Mason of Altadena, for sustained work in the application of cryogenic systems in space technology and especially for outstanding contributions to IRAS. Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal

       Eight scientists, four from outside of the JPL- Caltech community, are to receive this award:

       -- Dr. Hartmut H. Aumann of Altadena, for outstanding contributions to the IRAS mission and the interpretation of the infrared excess of the star Alpha Lyrae (also known as Vega, it may be surrounded by another solar system).

       -- Dr. Fred C. Gillett of the Kitt Peak National Observatory, Tucson, Ariz., for outstanding contributions to IRAS, specifically for leadership in telescope development, scientific analysis and other areas.

       -- Dr. James R. Houck of Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y., for outstanding contributions to IRAS, including efforts in the rebuilding of the telescope focal plane assembly and continuing scientific analysis.

       -- Dr. Frank J. Low of the University of Arizona, Tucson, for outstanding contributions to IRAS, specifically in the areas of telescope design and scientific analysis.

       -- Dr. Gerry Neugebauer of Altadena and Caltech, for outstanding contributions to IRAS, and in particular, leadership of the scientific aspects of the mission.

       -- Dr. Alan Rembaum of Pasadena, for outstanding achievements in the field of polymer synthesis and for applications of polymeric microspheres to important problems in biology and medicine.

       -- Dr. B. Thomas Soifer of Altadena and Caltech, for outstanding contributions to IRAS, especially in the areas of data processing and analysis.

       -- Dr. Russell G. Walker of Jamieson Science and Engineering, Felton, Calif., for outstanding contributions to IRAS and scientific analysis of the satellite's comet data. Outstanding Leadership Medal

       Three employees are to receive the Outstanding Leadership Medal:

       -- Dr. Moustafa T. Chahine of La Canada, for exceptional performance in developing the JPL Earth and Space Sciences Division and enhancing the science programs of JPL and NASA. (Chahine is JPL's chief scientist.)

       -- W. Gene Giberson of La Canada, for many and exceptional contributions to the success of the IRAS mission. (Giberson is JPL's assistant laboratory director for flight projects.)

       -- Gerald M. Smith of Northridge, for exceptional contributions as IRAS project manager through the period of satellite development and initial flight operations. Group Achievement Award

       Seven groups are to be recognized in this category: Microwave Sounder Unit Development Team; Solar Thermal Parabolic Dish Project Team; IRAS Mission Operations Team; IRAS Project Staff, Integration and Test Team; IRAS Telescope Development and Test Team; IRAS Focal Plane Redesign Team; IRAS Mission Scientific Data Analysis System Development and Operations Team. Public Service Group Achievement Award

       This award will go to the IRAS Joint Infrared Science Working Group. NASA Headquarters Awards

       Two NASA employees assigned to JPL are to be honored: Kristie M. Weingarten of Monrovia, who will receive the Exceptional Performance Award, and Juan B. Jesus of Arcadia, who will receive the Career Service Award for 45 years of service to the federal government.