JPL's Jennifer Rocca

Countdown to Dawn

A high school guidance counselor told Jennifer Rocca that aerospace engineering was not a field for women. Luckily, the future systems engineer for the Dawn mission wasn't convinced.

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JPL's David Jefferson in mission control

Celebrating Black History Month: A Navigator

David Jefferson has helped navigate JPL spacecraft to their exotic destinations -- Mars and two comets.

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Magalene Powell-Meeks

Celebrating Black History Month: An Information Technologist

As JPL's first Associate Chief Information Officer, Dr. Magalene Powell-Meeks is responsible for making sure all of the lab's information technology needs are met.

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JPL's Chris Boxe

Celebrating Black History Month: An Earth Scientist

Christopher Boxe isn't yet 30 years old, but he's already become an expert in the field of environmental science.

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JPL's Ed Massey

Celebrating Black History Month: A Mission Manager

Ed Massey has dedicated 20 years of his life working on NASA/JPL missions and projects, including the Voyager and Ulysses missions.

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Helen Worden and family on a boat

Making Measurements That Count

JPL's Dr. Helen Worden helps turn raw satellite observations into measurements that tell us more about some important gases in the air we breathe than we have known before.

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Dr. Kevin Grazier

Dr. Kevin Grazier

March 25, 2005

JPL's Dr. Kevin Grazier discusses the Cassini mission.
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Dr. Michelle Santee

Coming Down From the Clouds

Dr. Michelle Santee studies clouds - in particular, polar stratospheric clouds, which have an important role in the development of the "ozone hole" over Antarctica.

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Chris Martin

Notes from the Galaxies

Chris Martin is a physicist. It might have been otherwise. As a life passion, music has always been a close second. Now, as principal investigator for the Galaxy Evolution Explorer project which studies the universe in ultraviolet light, Martin is a scientist and manager by day, classical pianist by night.

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Dr. Jorge Vazquez

Dr. Jorge Vazquez, Oceanographer

When a friend asked Jorge Vazquez to speak eight years ago to a group of high school students about his job and Earth science, the JPL oceanographer reluctantly said yes.

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