Mark Helmlinger

Mark Helmlinger, Earth Scientist

Mark Helmlinger travels to remote corners of the world to study data from an instrument orbiting hundreds of miles above Earth.

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Thomas Valde

Thomas Valdez, Chemical Engineer

Valdez works on a range of electrochemical technologies, and he is deeply involved in fuel cell research.

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Eilene Theilig

Eilene Theilig, Jupiter Explorer

Theilig leads NASA's Galileo mission to Jupiter.

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Sister Clarice

Sister Clarice's Passion for Education

Sister Clarice Lolich is a Dominican nun in the Community of the Holy Spirit, a space-science education specialist, and a retired NASA consultant.

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Lloyd French

Lloyd French, Engineer and Underwater Explorer

For JPL engineer Lloyd French, going scuba diving was just part of a day's work when he was asked to develop an underwater probe.

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Conan Viernes

Conan Viernes, Electrical Engineer

A knack for science and math led Conan Viernes from the Yakama Indian Reservation in Washington State to an engineering position at JPL.

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Alfonso Feria

Alfonso Feria, Mechanical Engineer

How do scientists communicate with spacecraft millions of miles from Earth? With the help of engineers like Alfonso Feria.

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Dr. Joy Crisp

Dr. Joy Crisp, Project Scientist

Tucked away in a prefab trailer office at JPL, Dr. Joy Crisp is helping plan NASA's next mission to Mars. As project scientist for the Mars Exploration Rover Mission, she's ramping up for the twin rovers' expected landing in 2004.

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Steve Alfery

Steve Alfery, Acquisitions for Mars Rovers

No banks, stock exchanges or other financial institutions are known to exist on Mars. So how does a business and economics graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara end up in a key role on a mission to the red planet?

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Charlie Kohlhase

Charlie Kohlhase, long-time mission manager

After spending a career in planetary exploration, Charley Kohlhase dreams not of the past, but of the future. What does he envision someday? Humans living on Mars, continuing to study the planet in great detail.

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