David Charbonneau

David Charbonneau, Planet Hunter

Although the planets found so far outside our solar system are incapable of supporting life as we know it, the detection of those elusive, small Earth-like worlds may be closer than you think, according to Caltech's David Charbonneau.

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Dr. Rosaly Lopes

A Conversation with Rosaly Lopes

Dr. Rosaly Lopes is on the team for one of the Galileo instruments that has returned information about active volcanoes on Jupiter's moon Io.

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Dr. Jim Fanson

Dr. Jim Fanson, Galactic Explorer

Fanson manages a mission that is part of JPL's quest to explore beyond our solar system and look far into the universe.

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Bobby Williams

Bobby Williams, NEAR Navigator

Williams, head of the navigation team, guided the NEAR spacecraft to a soft landing on asteroid Eros.

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Dr. Alberto Behar

Dr. Alberto Behar, Antarctic Explorer

Behar serves as JPL's chief engineer on the Antarctic Ice Borehole Probe Project.

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Shonte Wright

Shonte Wright, Thermal Engineer

Wright works on a variety of JPL missions, making sure spacecraft perform efficiently in space.

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George Pace

George Pace, 2001 Mars Odyssey Project

Pace manages JPL's next interplanetary mission, the 2001 Mars Odyssey, shown here during launch preparations at the Kennedy Space Center.

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Dr. Ed Stone

Dr. Ed Stone, Solar System Explorer

Dr. Stone, JPL's director since 1991, is stepping down on May 1. During his tenure, the Laboratory has overseen 15 missions for NASA.

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Ann Devereaux

Talking Technology with Ann Devereaux

Devereaux discusses the Wireless Augmented Reality Prototype (WARP) which astronauts may one day use in space.

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Andrea Donnellan

Andrea Donnellan, Geophysicist Exploring Earth

Donnellan is one of JPL's movers and shakers in Earth science, keeping tabs on seismic activity, particularly in frozen terrain.

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