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Dr. Anne Kahle, Geophysicist

A pioneer in remote sensing, Dr. Anne Kahle has helped develop several innovative instruments that observe Earth from space.

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Alberto Behar

Alberto Behar, JPL Engineer

December 19, 2002

What's the shape of robots in the future? JPL engineer Alberto Behar tests robotic technologies in the remote ice fields of Antarctica. These robots may one day explore distant worlds.

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Spider-bot and Robert Hogg

Robert Hogg, Engineering Robots of the Future

In just five years at JPL, Hogg has already worked on some of the latest robotic vehicles to explore our own planet and beyond.

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Sophia Malloy

Sophia Malloy, Mission Planner and Sequence Engineer

Sophia Malloy learned how to run a tight ship during her years in the military. Those skills are put to good use as a mission planner for two ocean-observing satellites.

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Dr. Michelle Thaller

Dr. Michelle Thaller, Astrophysicist

November 15, 2002

How do we study the distant universe? In this segment, Caltech astrophysicist Dr. Michelle Thaller discusses methods astronomers use to study stars and galaxies.

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Dr. Moustafa Chahine

A Conversation with Dr. Moustafa Chahine

Dr. Moustafa Chahine is the science team leader on a suite of instruments that will measure Earth's atmospheric temperature and humidity profiles with high accuracy.

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Researcher Elizabeth Lester

Student's Curiosity Leads to Discovery

College senior Elizabeth Lester's work on a device to detect bacterial spores contributed to the new biohazard detector.

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Art Chmielewski

Art Chmielewski, Project Manager

October 21, 2002

In this video profile 'First Person,' Art Chmielewski, project manager for New Millennium project ST6, discusses artificial intelligence and new technologies for NASA spacecraft.

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Dr. Ayanna Howard

Dr. Ayanna Howard, JPL's Bionic Woman

Howard is JPL's own bionic woman who, at the moment, is helping develop an advanced Entry, Descent and Landing software application that can look at virtual terrain on Mars.

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Dr. Robert Crippen

Dr. Robert Crippen, Geologist and Geographer

Dr. Robert Crippen expects the Grand Canyon to be delivered to his office any day.

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