Dr. Jean Dickey

Dr. Jean Dickey, Physicist

The television program "As the World Turns" is an apt description for JPL physicist Dr. Jean Dickey's line of work: observing Earth's rotation and the factors that affect it.

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Dr. Ayanna Howard

Dr. Ayanna Howard, Robotics Engineer

August 21, 2003

JPL robotics engineer Dr. Ayanna Howard explains how engineers design and test rovers that may one day go to Mars.
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Dr. Gary Blackwood

Dr. Gary Blackwood, Interferometer Systems Manager

July 11, 2003

Is there life beyond Earth? JPL's Dr. Gary Blackwood, interferometer systems manager for Terrestrial Planet Finder, explains how this future mission will look for signs of other worlds like ours.

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Karreem Hogan

From VCRs to Spacecraft: Electrical Engineer Karreem Hogan

Karreem Hogan is an electrical engineer participating in an academic program at JPL.

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Dr. Suzanne Smrekar

Dr. Suzanne Smrekar, Planetary Geophysicist

May 15, 2003

What's up with gravity? Planetary geophysicist Dr. Suzanne Smrekar explains what gravity teaches us about Earth and other planets.

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Geoff Marcy

Geoff Marcy, Astronomer and Planet-Hunter

Leading planet-hunter Geoff Marcy predicts the discovery of another Earth within a decade.

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Senior Engineer David Doody

David Doody, Spaceflight Operations Engineer

David Doody has been flying spacecraft since he was 5. Well, sort of flying them.

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Sara Hyman with students from 2003 regional Ocean Sciences Bowl competition

Sara Hyman, Mission Operations Assurance Manager

If the producers of Jeopardy do call Sara Hyman, who recently passed the game show's qualifying tests, she won't be expecting anything related to her job to turn up as a category.

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Angel Sanabria with children

Angel Sanabria, Solar System Ambassador

Whether he is talking to children or adults, Solar System Ambassador Angel Sanabria knows how to capture everybody's imagination about the wonders of space.

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Dr. Claudia Alexander

Dr. Claudia Alexander

January 31, 2003

What secrets do comets hold? JPL's Dr. Claudia Alexander explains what we hope to learn from these dirty ice balls.

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