NASA to Unveil Vesta Images at News Conference

Artist's concept of the Dawn spacecraft NASA's Dawn spacecraft, illustrated in this artist's concept, is propelled by ion engines. Image credit: NASA/JPL
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July 28, 2011

PASADENA, Calif. -- NASA will host a news conference on Monday, Aug. 1, at 9 a.m. PDT (noon EDT), to discuss the Dawn spacecraft's successful orbit insertion around Vesta on July 15 and unveil the first full-frame images from Dawn's framing camera. The news conference will be held in the von Karman auditorium at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 4800 Oak Grove Dr., Pasadena, Calif.

NASA Television and the agency's website will broadcast the event. It also will be carried live on Ustream, with a live chat box available, at:

The news conference panelists are:
-- Colleen Hartman, assistant associate administrator, Science Mission Directorate, NASA Headquarters, Washington
-- Charles Elachi, director, JPL
-- Marc Rayman, Dawn chief engineer and mission manager, JPL
-- Christopher Russell, Dawn principal investigator, University of California, Los Angeles
-- Holger Sierks, framing camera team member, Max Planck Society, Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany
-- Enrico Flamini, chief scientist, Italian Space Agency (ASI), Rome, Italy

Although Dawn is collecting some science data now, the mission's intensive collection of information will begin in early August. Observations of the giant asteroid Vesta will provide unprecedented data to help scientists understand the earliest chapter of our solar system. Dawn is the first spacecraft to orbit an asteroid in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. After spending one year orbiting Vesta, Dawn will travel to a second destination, the dwarf planet Ceres, and arrive there in February 2015.

For more information about Dawn, visit:

For NASA TV streaming video, downlink and schedule information, visit:

Priscilla Vega 818-354-1357
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif.

Trent J. Perrotto 202-358-0321
Headquarters, Washington


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