Lunar Eclipse Wallpaper Contest Yields Hundreds of Photos

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January 19, 2011

December's total lunar eclipse, which coincided with the winter solstice, offered moon-gazers and photo-lovers the chance to capture one of the sky's most spectacular events. As a result, hundreds of people joined "NASAJPL's I'm There: Lunar Eclipse Group" on Flickr to share their photos and compete for the opportunity to have their snapshots turned into an official JPL Wallpaper at

After searching through the nearly 2,000 lunar eclipse photos at, we selected the 13 finalists above, who submitted unique and stunning perspectives of the Dec. 20-21 event and shared with us their stories of braving the cold, waiting out clouds, and even driving hours to capture the eclipse.

We were especially impressed by Keith Burns' photo montage, which captures the phases of the waning moon up through its red-orange glow at totality. Burns shot this series under clear skies in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. His photo is now available for download as an official JPL wallpaper at

Flip through the slideshow above to view some of our other picks and vote for your favorite lunar eclipse scene. To find more lunar eclipse photos and learn about NASAJPL's "I'm There: Lunar Eclipse" campaign, visit:

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