Half a Million Take a Gander at Space

Space Images app reaches 500,000 downloads NASA/JPL's first-ever iPhone app has reached 500,000 downloads. The free app features breathtaking views of Earth, the solar system and the universe beyond. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
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January 19, 2011

The first-ever NASA/JPL iPhone application, Space Images, has reached 500,000 downloads, just as JPL prepares to release its newest version of the free app. Space Images features breathtaking views of Earth, the solar system and the universe beyond.

Soon after its release in January 2010, Space Images was selected as a "Staff Favorite" in iTunes and quickly became a top app in the Education category. It has since received praise from users for its extensive and stunning collection of images taken by NASA/JPL spacecraft and for its educational uses.

The new version, Space Images 2.0, optimized for iPad and iPhone 4, brings even more stellar photos to viewers' fingertips, plus videos, Facebook and Twitter connectivity, and a new format that makes it easier to browse through photos at a higher resolution. It will be available in the iTunes Store this spring.

Droid more your style? Space Images 2.0 for Android devices is coming soon.

Visit http://bit.ly/e2yy4y to download Space Images free in the iTunes App Store. Explore more mobile offerings from JPL at http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/onthego/index.cfm?cid=500kweb.

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