More Testing Before Driving on Mars

Panelists reviewed results to date from testing possible maneuvers to use in driving NASA's Mars Rover Spirit. Panelists in a video conference on Aug. 7, 2009, reviewed results to date from testing possible maneuvers to use in driving NASA's Mars Rover Spirit away from loose soil where the rover has become embedded. Further testing at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, is planned before commanding Spirit to begin moving from its current location.
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August 07, 2009

A review on Aug. 6 of test results to date yielded a decision to conduct further checkouts in an augmented testing set-up on Earth before beginning to send driving commands to Spirit for attempting to get out of the loose soil where the rover has partially embedded itself.

The ample power available to Spirit due to wind cleaning dust off of its solar panels has removed the initial urgency for getting the rover moving toward a winter haven site. The rover science team has not completed the analysis the soil layers at Spirit's current location. And the review pointed to additional types of position measurements and analysis that could make further testing useful in mapping the strategy for freeing Spirit.

No specific date has been set for Spirit to resume driving.

Visit the Free Spirit web site for more updates:

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