The Mystery of the Missing Carbon: A JPL Live Chat

JPL's Chip Miller JPL's Chip Miller
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February 05, 2009

A NASA satellite sleuth set to launch this month will soon be hot on the trail of the elusive greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, the leading human-produced cause of global warming. The Orbiting Carbon Observatory's mission is to find the vast warehouses of carbon dioxide that are "missing" - hidden in "sinks" around the globe. Finding them will help scientists better predict how our climate will change in the future.

Chip Miller, deputy principal investigator for the Orbiting Carbon Observatory, will explain the mission and answer your questions live on Ustream TV on Feb. 9 at 5 p.m. Pacific: . If you are unable to take part in the live chat, you can submit questions in advance to and watch the archived video at a later time.

More about the Orbiting Carbon Observatory is at:

Media contact: Carolina Martinez/JPL

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