2/7/94 NASA FY 1995 Budget Briefing
2/7/94 NASA Continues To Explore Mars In 1995
6/10/94 Students Presents Mars Mission Scenarios At JPL Hosted Meeting
6/22/94 JPL Presented With Employment And Training Award
7/8/94 Development Of Mars Global Surveyor Begins
8/12/94 Galileo Radio In Shoemaker-Levy 9/Jupiter Collision Data
8/12/94 Topex/Poseidon Team Awarded CNES Medal
9/8/94 Mars Ancient Flood Plain Landing For Mars Pathfinder
9/22/94 Mars Pathfinder And Mars Global Surveyor Featured At La County Fair
10/7/94 NASA Sponsors Six University And College Research Projects
10/24/94 Images And Photograph From Endeavour Used To Study Mt. Kliuchevskoi Lava Flows
1/5/94 Potential Causes Of The Loss Of Mars Observer Identified
1/10/94 Cray T3D Delivered To JPL
1/10/94 SIR-C/X-SAR Prepares For Critical Tests
1/13/94 Hubble Adjustments And Tests Completed
1/13/94 NASA And Caltech Signs Five-year Management Contract Of JPL
2/4/94 Oak Mountain Jumped Several Centimeters During Earthquake
2/11/94 Deployment Of Wake Shield Facility Failed
2/21/94 Magellan Mission Funding Additional Funding In 1994
2/18/94 Scientists Produce 3D Reconstruction Of Asteroid 4769 Castalia
2/21/94 Mesur Pathfinder Project Begins
3/2/94 Two Researchers Awarded For Their Inventions At JPL
3/25/94 Newly Discovered Supernova May Help Explain Starburst Galaxies
4/4/94 Casani Appointed Chief Engineer
4/7/94 JPL Technologies Placed In The National Space Foundation's 1994 Technology Hall Of Fame
4/25/94 Take Our Daughter To Work Day 1994
5/6/94 JPL Scientists Provide Radar Data To Researcher Protecting Mountain Gorillas
7/21/94 Moon Reflector Array Continues To Measure Moon's Orbit Accurately
8/5/94 Shirley Named Program Manager Of Office Of Mars Exploration
8/12/94 Fifteen New Receivers Added To GPS Network
8/23/94 Tie Makes It Possible For Students To Observe The Skies
9/1/94 JPL High School Interns Bring New Knowledge Back To The Classroom
9/1/94 Automated Terminal Can Reduce Tracking Cost Of NASA Satellites
9/7/94 Innovative Technologies For Inflatable Space Antenna Under Development
9/7/94 Magellan Begins Experiment To Return Data On Venus Atmosphere
9/20/94 First National Medical Network Demonstrated To Members Of Congress
9/28/94 Residual Signs Of El Nino Still Visible
10/12/94 JPL Will Target Starburst Galaxies For New Satellite
10/26/94 Observations Of A Virgo Cluster Galaxy Yields Accurate Universe Expansion Rate
10/31/94 Fragment Of Shoemaker-Levy 9 Lights Up Jupiter's Night Sky
11/4/94 Certificate Awarded To NASA's Deep Space Network
11/9/94 Ulysses Completes Pass Over Southern Solar Pole
12/5/94 JPL And ESA Scientists Reports On Sun's Polar Regions
12/7/94 Topex/Poseidon Detects Rise In Average Global Sea Level
12/7/94 Magellan Scientists Discuss Venus Findings And Future Explorations
10/6/94 SIR-C/X-SAR Findings Presented At American Geophysical Union
12/14/94 Dr. Ried Elected To International Academy Of Astronautics
12/28/94 Sulfur-Rich Atmosphere Lead To The Extinction Of The Dinosaurs
3/3/94 Galileo Observes A Natural Satellite Of Ida
3/23/94 Photograph Of A Moon Of An Asteroid Released
6/28/94 Venus Still Geologically Active
3/28/94 New Radio/Satellite Technology Demonstrated
10/12/94 Magellan Mission Ends