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Related News Releases.

Geological Boundary at the Edge of 'Solander Point' 8/14/13 - Mars Rover Opportunity Working at Edge of 'Solander'
NASA's Mars rover Opportunity is studying the area of contact between a two rock layers that record environmental conditions from different times in the past.

Color View From Orbit Showing Opportunity in 'Botany Bay' 7/17/13 - Overhead View of Mars Rover 10 Years After Launch
An image from Mars orbit taken 10 years after the launch of NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity shows the long-lived rover on its trek to a new destination on Mars.

Opportunity's View in 'Botany Bay' Toward 'Solander Point' 7/2/13 - Mars Rover Opportunity Passes Half-Way Point to Next Destination
NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has driven more than half of the distance needed to get from a site where it spent 22 months to its next destination.

Opportunity's view of 'Solander Point' 6/7/13 - Mars Rover Opportunity Trekking Toward More Layers
Approaching its 10th anniversary of leaving Earth, NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity is on the move again, trekking to a new study area still many weeks away.

Artist's Concept of Rover on Mars 6/6/13 - NASA to Host June 7 Mars Rover Opportunity Teleconference
NASA will hold a media teleconference at 9 a.m. PDT (noon EDT) on Friday, June 7, to provide an update about the long-lived Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity.

Rock Target 'Esperance' Altered by Wet History (False Color) 5/17/13 - Mars Rover Opportunity Examines Clay Clues in Rock
NASA's senior Mars rover, Opportunity, is driving to a new study area after a dramatic finish to 20 months on "Cape York" with examination of a rock intensely altered by water.

Artist concept of Mars Exploration Rover. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech 5/1/13 - Opportunity Exits Standby, Back at Work
NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has exited a standby mode and is now executing a sequence of commands sent by the rover team.

'Matijevic Hill' Panorama for Rover's Ninth Anniversary 1/22/13 - NASA's Veteran Mars Rover Ready to Start 10th Year
Though NASA's newer Mars rover has been capturing more attention recently, durable Opportunity remains hard at work after nine years of roving on the Red Planet.

Opportunity Rover's Fall 2012 Walkabout 12/4/12 - NASA Opportunity Rover Finishes Walkabout on Mars Crater Rim
The latest work assignment for NASA's long-lived Mars rover Opportunity is a further examination of an area where the robot just completed a walkabout.

Puzzling Little Martian Spheres That Don't Taste Like 'Blueberries' 9/14/12 - NASA Mars Rover Opportunity Reveals Geological Mystery
NASA's long-lived rover Opportunity has returned an image of the Martian surface that is puzzling researchers.

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