Shuttle Radar Topography Mission

Artist's concept of SRTM Artist's concept of SRTM

Looking into Shuttle payload bay, view of SRTM. Courtesy of DLR, German Aerospace Center.
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Mission Summary

The Shuttle Radar Topography Mission, which flew aboard NASA's Space Shuttle Endeavour during an 11-day mission in 2000, made the first near-global topographical map of Earth, collecting data on nearly 80 percent of Earth's land surfaces.

The instrument's design was essentially a modified version of the earlier Shuttle Imaging Radar instruments with a second antenna added to allow for topographic mapping using a technique similar to stereo photography.

Acronym: SRTM
Type: Instrument
Status: Past
Launch Date: February 11, 2000
12:43 EST (17:43 UTC)
Launch Location: Kennedy Space Center, Florida
Landing Date: February 22, 2000
6:25 p.m. EST (23:23 UTC)
Mission End Date: February 22, 2000
Target: Earth
Elevation data at the highest possible resolution from NASA's Shuttle Radar Topography Mission U.S. Releases Enhanced Shuttle Land Elevation Data

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Shuttle Radar Topography Mission image of the Independent State of Samoa (left) and American Samoa (right) Space Radar Reveals Topography of Tsunami Site

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