The von Kármán Lecture Series: 2014

The Mars Exploration Rovers: A Decade of Exploration
Jan. 16 & 17
In spite of our limited human imagination, the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity is still functioning and exploring ten years after landing on Mars.
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The Mars Exploration Rovers: A Decade of Exploration

The History and Future of Space Communications

The Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2
Mar. 13 & 14
Join us as we discuss NASA's first satellite designed to measure atmospheric CO2, OCO-2.
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Measuring Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide from Space

'For the Benefit of All Mankind': The JPL Technology Transfer Program
April 10 & 11
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory is known for missions that greatly impact our understanding of the solar system and the universe.
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Putting the 'P' in 'JPL'--The Past, Present, and Future of Propulsion at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory
May 22 & 23
JPL propulsion engineer Todd J. Barber will highlight over three quarters of a century of propulsion experience at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and will also look at the future of propulsion as it applies to solar system exploration.
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Putting the 'P' in 'JPL'--The Past, Present, and Future

Ocean Worlds of the Outer Solar System
June 19 & 20
Where is the best place to find living life beyond Earth? It may be that the small, ice-covered moons of Jupiter and Saturn harbor some of the most habitable real estate in our Solar System. Life loves liquid water and these moons have lots of it!
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Europa:  The Challenges of Exploring a Cold, Distant World

Revealing Saturn: Cassini's Tenth Year
July 17 & 18
Cassini’s findings have revolutionized our understanding of Saturn, its complex rings, the amazing assortment of moons and the planet’s dynamic magnetic environment. Spilker will present highlights from 10 years of Cassini’s ambitious inquiry at Saturn.
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Revealing Saturn:  Cassini's Tenth Year

Curiosity's Second Year: The Epic and Occasionally Bogus Journey to the Foothills of Mt. Sharp
Aug. 14 & 15
Curiosity, the rover that successfully landed on Mars in early August, 2012, has been busy refining much of what we know about the red planet. This talk will reveal some of the latest results from the last two years of work on the surface of the Red Planet.
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Curiosity 2_Year Anniversary

Studying Soil Moisture from Space – NASA's Soil Moisture Active Passive mission
Sept. 11 & 12
SMAP's state-of-the-art radar and radiometer sensors are able to peer beneath clouds, vegetation, and other surface features to create global maps.
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Studying Soil Moisture from Space

Rosetta – A Lesson on Comets, the Solar System and Mysteries of Earth
Oct. 9 & 10
Rosetta will be the first spacecraft to accompany a comet as it enters our inner solar system, observing at close range how the comet changes as the Sun’s heat transforms it into the luminous apparition that has frightened and inspired people for centuries.
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Rosetta – A Lesson on Comets

Asteroid Redirect Mission

Coming Soon to a Dwarf Planet in Your Solar System: NASA’s Dawn Mission to the Asteroid Belt
Dec. 4 & 5
Dr. Marc Rayman will give a fascinating and entertaining presentation on the Dawn mission and its two exotic destinations as well as its use of ion propulsion.
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NASA’s Dawn Mission to the Asteroid Belt
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