The von Kármán Lecture Series: 2013

Probing the Dark Sector with Euclid
Jan. 17 & 18
The past decade has seen the emergence of the so-called "concordance model" of cosmology.
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Probing the Dark Sector with Euclid

Geoengineering and Climate Intervention: What We Need to Know
Feb. 14 & 15
Concepts for directly and deliberately manipulating Earth's climate system, collectively referred to as "geoengineering," have been proposed as contingency responses to global warming.
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There and Back Again: The Migration of Robotic Arm Technology from Mars to Earth
Mar. 14 & 15
While robotic arm applications on Earth have existed for decades, it's only in the last few years that manipulation jobs have moved far outside the factory walls.
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The Migration of Robotic Arm Technology from Mars to Earth

Regenerative Fuel Cells, Energy Storage Systems for Space Applications
Apr. 11 & 12
This talk will provide an introduction of fuel cells and regenerative fuel cell systems and highlight the features of this technology for enabling future NASA missions to the moon, near-Earth asteroids, and Mars.
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Radar Imaging of Near Earth Asteroids
May 9 & 10
Radar is a very powerful astronomical technique for studying the physical properties and refining the orbits of near-Earth asteroids.
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Forecasting Quakes: Facts, Myths and Possibilities
Jun. 20 & 21
This talk will review the past history and basic principles behind efforts to anticipate the location, size and timing of seismic events.
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Exploring the Extreme Universe with NuSTAR
Jul. 18 & 19
This talk will present some of the highlights from the first year of NuSTAR observations and describe how they are changing our picture of the extreme universe.
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Curiosity’s First Year on Mars
Aug. 15 & 16
This talk will revisit the successful landing and reveal some of the results from the last year of work on the surface of the Red Planet.
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Telexploration: How video game technologies can take NASA to the next level
Sept. 12 & 13
The goal of the Telexploration project is to make us better explorers by building immersive environments that feel like we are really there.
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Theodore von Karman and Rocketry at Caltech
Oct. 10 & 11
Von Karman was the first director of JPL. This talk will tell the story of Von Karman’s life in aeronautics, engineering, and science, and particularly focus on his role in founding JPL.
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From IRAS to Spitzer and Beyond: 30 years of Space-Based Infrared Astronomy
Nov. 7 & 8
This talk will review some of the major discoveries from each of these important infrared astronomy missions.
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