The von Kármán Lecture Series: 2012

The Art of Image Processing
Jan. 19 & 20
Follow the process that helps us witness a side to the universe that, until recently, was hidden from our sight.
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Revealing the Hidden Universe: Translating Data into Imagery

Climate Sciences and the Climate Center of JPL
Feb. 16 & 17
Understanding the far-reaching effects of climate change and how to adapt to these effects is one of the great challenges facing society today.
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Climate Sciences and the climate center of JPL

Mysterious Titan
Mar. 15 & 16
Humanity has been fascinated by the solar system’s second largest moon for hundreds of years; and we're sitting at a ring-side seat as Titan reveals its mysteries to us.
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Mysterious Titan

Gale Crater: Exploring the Mars Science Laboratory Landing Site
Apr. 12 & 13
The selection of Gale crater as the Mars Science Laboratory landing site took over 5 years, involved broad participation of the science community via five open workshops.
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Selecting a Landing Site on Mars for MSL

The Quest for Other Worlds Like Earth
May 10 & 11
This talk will cover many of Kepler's discoveries, including several planets orbiting two stars, and will try to explain how Kepler's discoveries help define humanity's place in the universe.
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Melting Snows: The Threatened Lifeblood of the Western US
Jun. 21 & 22
JPL is developing the Airborne Snow Observatory and other systems to bring the nation to a mature monitoring of our snow resource to anchor cutting edge science and water management in an uncertain future.
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Snow melting on top of a mountainside

The Power of Two: How Humans and Robots Explore Space
Jul 19 & 20
From robotic scouting missions, to space station construction, to opening the planetary frontiers, there has been a growing relationship between robots and humans.
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Voyager's Interstellar Mission
Aug. 16 & 17
Approaching their thirty-fifth anniversary, the Voyager twins continue to send us data from the farthest reaches of our solar system, at once enforcing and rewriting theories about this previously unexplored region.
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The Voyager Mission

Voyager Celebrates 35 Years in Space
Sep. 4
The Voyagers will explore the outermost edge of the Sun's domain… and beyond.
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The Challenge of Mars Exploration
Sep. 13 & 14
The remarkable success of the Mars Exploration Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, gave impetus to the development of an even more capable spacecraft: The Mars Science Laboratory.
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Herschel Opens Up the Cool Universe
Oct. 11 & 12
This talk will present some of the highlights of Herschel observations and describe how they are changing our picture of how new stars and planets form.
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Exploring New Worlds with the Dawn Mission
Nov. 8 & 9
Upon completing Dawn's investigation at Vesta in July 2012, we will have a powerful new dataset to understand the formation and evolution of a building block of the terrestrial planets.
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GRAIL Unwraps the Moon
Dec. 6 & 7
The Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory lunar mission has completed its primary period of scientific observations and obtained unprecedented results on the global gravitational field of the Moon.
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GRAIL Unwraps the Moon
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