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Inflatable Planetarium, Creating Stories in the Sky

Inflatable Planetarium, Creating Stories in the Sky Students create their own star patterns and stories in a do-it-yourself inflatable planetarium as part of NASA's Stories in the Sky activity.

"Inflatable Planetarium -- Creating Stories in the Sky" is a NASA activity that introduces students to star patterns and lets them create their own constellation stories in a do-it-yourself planetarium! The activity integrates language arts and science in a fun and interactive setting.


Language Arts

To get started, you'll need to gather a few inexpensive and easy-to-find materials to construct your inflatable planetarium. Once you have your materials, click the video link below to learn how to build the planetarium.


-- A 20x50 ft. roll of 4 mil plastic sheeting
-- One large roll of utility tape
-- One large black plastic trash bag
-- A box fan
-- Crayons or washable markers
-- Ballpoint pens or sharpened pencils
-- Scissors
-- Flashlight
-- Student activity sheet

*It's best to have an extra person to help you construct the planetarium

> Video: Inflatable Planetarium -- Creating Stories in the Sky


Our ancient ancestors used nighttime stars to create stories. In this lesson, students will create their own stories and star patterns. Once the planetarium is inflated and ready to explore, students will take the star patterns they create on the student worksheet and imprint them on the planetarium's walls using a ballpoint pen or straightened paper clip. Finally, with their starry creations shining brightly, students can display and share their stories.

> "Stories in the Sky" (PDF of activity and materials)