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Welcome to NASAJPL Edu

Welcome to NASAJPL Edu The NASA/JPL Education Office offers a wide range of student opportunities and classroom resources that teach concepts in Earth and space science. Image credit: NASA/JPL

Welcome to the Education Office at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. In case you are not familiar with JPL, we are a federally funded research center, staffed and managed by the California Institute of Technology. Most of our work is in support of NASA's robotic exploration of the solar system and universe. For a full listing of spacecraft and instruments built and managed by JPL, including the Curiosity Mars rover, Cassini spacecraft at Saturn, Dawn mission to Vesta and Ceres, and Juno mission to Jupiter, visit our missions listing at


The purpose of the Education Office is twofold. We work with educators -- both classroom teachers and informal educators -- to provide tools, resources and ideas for teaching Earth science, space science, mathematics and robotics. We also run a wide range of internship programs, sponsored by NASA, JPL Caltech, and partner institutions. These programs are geared to students who are interested in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Several of our student programs are designed to target students with interests in these fields who are in under-represented or under-served populations. Students accepted into all of our internship programs come to JPL to conduct research projects and work closely with scientists and engineers. 

How to Use This Site

Our site is broken down into categories that serve as navigation buttons:

Learn: We want to show young people a variety of ways to explore and learn about Earth, our solar system and the universe. We have activities and projects for students of all ages. We also provide information about competitions for students who take a shine to the natural sciences, computer science and engineering. There are also resources for students interested in delving even deeper into the world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics and learning more about NASA and JPL missions. 

Intern: This page lists the wide range of student and faculty internship and research programs available through the JPL Education Office. Visit this page to find out how to apply to the various programs and contact program coordinators.

Teach: NASA and JPL offer a wide range of free resources and teacher training to elementary, middle and high school teachers. There are an endless number of websites devoted to giving teachers advice and tips. We want to help teachers find the best activities and resources so we put up only those items that we truly recommend. 

Inspire: If you're an informal educator, like a parent or group leader, or you work for, or are a member of, a museum, science center, library, after school program or club, this section is for you. NASA and JPL have a wide range of resources and programs for groups that want to explore science, engineering and space. We also have activities for all levels of space enthusiasts.

News: Get the latest news about JPL Education programs, interns, events and more and learn how we're serving the community. 

Play: We offer educational games for kids of all ages that allow them to explore the solar system, build missions and learn cool science concepts. 

Education Contacts

Below is a list of contacts. Please be advised that due to the amount of work, we cannot guarantee a response to all questions.

General questions should be directed to the JPL Education Office main line at 818-354-1260

Elementary and Secondary Education
David Seidel, Manager

Higher Education
Adrian Ponce, Manager

Informal Education
Anita Sohus, Project Manager