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Meet JPL Interns

JPL Internships: Flying High

JPL Internships: Flying High

JPL's Got One in the (Nerd) Game

JPL Planetary Protection Engineer Moogega Cooper is a superhero and she plays one on TV, as one of the 5 finalists in TBS's King of the Nerds.

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Prepare to Launch: Internships at JPL

Astronomy intern Alyx Stevens shares her experiences at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in a new video series about what it takes to be a JPL intern.

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Countdown to Launch Begins for Former JPL Intern


He launched an astonishing career at JPL then helped launch one of NASA's most ambitious missions all the way to Mars.

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Photo Essay: My Summer at JPL

As a high school student, Deepak Atyam spent two summers as an INSPIRE intern at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He shares some of his favorite memories in this photo essay.

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VIdeo: Mission Makers

A team of distinguished postdocs and graduate students learns what its like to design a space mission in just five days as part of NASA's Planetary Science Summer School program at JPL.

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He's Baaaack!

It's take-two for our professional snowboarder turned JPL intern. Catch up with him as he interviews one of the lead engineers for NASA's next Mars rover!

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Summer Students Make an Impact

About 450 students took part in diverse internships and student programs offered by JPL this summer, working on everything from the newest Mars rover to climate science.

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Earth to Intern: What Happens When Science Meets Adventure

Our tenacious intern scores a sit-down with another tenacious JPL personality, Cassini mission propulsion engineer Todd Barber.

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Blog: Earth to Intern


He's already been a classical violinist and a professional snowboarder. Now Montana State University student Andrew Crawford shares what it's like to be an intern in the Deep Space Network's Antenna Mechanical group at JPL.

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Community College Students Simulate Rover Mission

Thirty-nine community colleges students visited JPL for a three-day

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Science Teachers Are 'STAR' Interns at JPL


This summer NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory welcomed nine aspiring science teachers as interns, thanks to the Science Teacher and Researcher program (STAR).

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Turn Your JPL Internship into a JPL Career

JPL summer interns aspiring to future careers in engineering and science share their experiences and advice.

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JPL Interns Put to Work on NASA’s Flagship Missions


Summer interns in 2011 quite literally prepare for liftoff as major missions take flight at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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A Passion for Scientific Research


After her freshman year in college, Sherrisse Bryant began doing laboratory research during the summer. After that experience, she didn't want to stop!

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Disability Inspired His Vision


JPL summer intern David Hayden won a major prize in a Microsoft-sponsored competition for a device that helps low-vision students keep up with peers in classroom note-taking. Hayden is legally blind.

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Going Places: Ann Bui


Environmental Biology major and five-time JPL intern Ann Bui has won an environmental fellowship at her college that will combine her rainfall research at JPL with her interest in vulnerable ecosystems.

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Video: A 'Tail' to Tell


Two high school students have a cosmic story to share about what they did during their summer internship at JPL.

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Undergrads Are Ringside for Comet Flyby

Six college interns at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory were front and center as first-ever, close-up views of comet Hartley 2 popped up on large monitors in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's mission control.

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Senior Year Can Wait -- I'm Working at JPL!


High school intern Jessica Liang shares her experiences this summer working with the Mars Public Engagement team at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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Computer Science Intern Connects Real & Virtual Space


Heriberto Reynoso's summer internship is taking him one step closer to the moon. He is building software that will help engineers on a proposed mission called MoonRise.

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JPL Summer Interns Meet the Mentors


The common key ingredient in intern mentors at JPL is that they want to give guidance to those interested in pursuing science and engineering careers.

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Cosmic Dust Detective


This physics doctoral candidate helps decipher cosmic puzzles by day, and balances research and family life by night.

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Student Helps Develop 'Lab on a Chip'


It's a world of the infinitesimal. Nano-liters of material flow through micro-channels etched into a wafer-thin circle of glass.

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Student Shares Web 2.0 Research


A former JPL intern presented her research about friending, sharing and tweeting for NASA Space Place at a science conference.

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Climate Change Rains Down on JPL Undergrads


Two JPL college interns delving into California's rainfall records have uncovered some interesting findings that may be linked to climate change.

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My (High School) Summer at JPL


Three high school students share their experiences as interns at JPL.

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Student of the Stars


A love of astronomy helped one college student set a course for a variety of science internships at JPL.

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A Student's Perspective - Computer Science


Returning for his fourth summer at JPL, Victor Mejia's focus this year: Writing software for JPL scientists.

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A Student's Perspective - Robotics


College student Gisselle Cunningham's summer stint on a JPL robotics project was the perfect fit.

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Summer as a Rocket Scientist


Six college students on a fellowship program spent their summer at JPL working on a mission that will one day image Earth using technology that is like a camera on steroids.

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Young Thinkers Get to Tinker


More than 300 students have swelled JPL's ranks this summer, hailing from high schools, community colleges, four-year universities and graduate schools across the country.

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Blind Intern Works on Mars-Bound Instrument


Not many teenagers can say they've worked on an instrument that will fly in space. This accomplishment is even more remarkable because he wants to be a scientist even though he can't see.

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