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About JPL Internships

About JPL Internships

Dare mighty things. That's our unofficial mantra at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. It's guided us through the launch of the first U.S. satellite, soft landings on the moon, dozens of journeys to the planets, the surface of Mars and even to the edge of our solar system. It's brought some of the most talented engineers and expert scientists in the world to our laboratory. And we hope it'll bring you here, too.

Each year, JPL offers hundreds of internship opportunities to students from diverse backgrounds and in various stages of their education. Our internship opportunities span the science, technology, engineering and mathematics universe and give students the chance to work with world-renowned scientists and engineers on some of the most important space missions studying our home planet, the solar system and worlds beyond.

JPL is a NASA federally funded research and development center managed by the California Institute of Technology. We work closely with NASA and Caltech, as well as community colleges, universities and educational programs across the United States to offer opportunities to diverse communities, with a special focus on those in minority and underrepresented groups.

How to Apply

To get started launching your future, visit the JPL Internships page and explore our list of nearly 20 student programs. Each program offers numerous opportunities and is uniquely catered to various kinds of students, interests and time commitments.

When you've found a good match, use the "Apply Now" button to submit an application or resume on the program's website. Our program coordinators, who receive your application, will work with JPL mentors to match you with specific opportunities at the laboratory and contact you with an offer if a match is made.

Reach out to us if you have any questions along the way by using the contact information listed under each program or by calling the JPL Education Office at (818) 354-1260.

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