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Informal Learning

Jewel of the Solar System

Jewel of the Solar System

Drop Zone! Design and Test a Probe

Youth in grades 4-5 design and build a parachuted probe that can descend and land safely, modeling the Huygens Probe's landing on Saturn's moon Titan.

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Space School Musical

NASA's Space School Musical video series will have students humming a cosmic tune as they play parts for the moon, planets and more.

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Art and the Cosmic Connection

Love art? Want science? Learners of all ages use art techniques to begin to understand and interpret the features on distant objects in our solar sytem.

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Astrobiology Educator Guide

Most students love to think about the search for life beyond Earth. This NASA educator guide allows students to use the same strategies used by astrobiologists.

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Mars and Earth Science Educator Guide

What can we learn from images of other planets? Most of the activities in this NASA educator guide use images to explain how we study Mars and how we can study Earth with images taken from space.

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Our Sun as a Star Educator Guide

This NASA educator guide teaches concepts related to the sun. Each of the activities can be completed in about one hour. Recommended for afterschool educators.

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