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Transcript: NASA Curiosity Mars Rover Landing Event - Mars Education Opportunities

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How exciting would it be to be part of a group of students who actually use a spacecraft to conduct their own science investigation at Mars? It sounds like science fiction but it's science fact. It's called the Mars Student Imaging Project and it's open to students grades 5 through college. One group of middle school students even discovered a cave on Mars.

Dream of exploring Mars one day? Students can use their imagination to design their own community on Mars in the Imagine Mars project.

Got a question about Mars? Maybe even a homework assignment and you need a little help. Try asking Dr. C. For instance, you can ask him how big Mars is and he'll give you the answer: Mars is only half the size of Earth.

If you're a teacher and looking for lesson plans and activities to assist you in the classroom, check out the downloadable Mars activities. It's where you'll find a wealth of ideas about how to engage your students.

If you want to explore Mars on your own, you can Be a Martian. At this internet site you can explore many aspects of Mars or you can contribute to a better understanding of the Red Planet by participating in what's called citizen science by helping to create a Mars map, count craters, tag rover images and More.

If you just want some electronic play time, there's Mars 3D, actual images of Mars taken by NASA spacecraft in three dimensions. Speaking of 3-D, check out the brand new Explore Mars website where you can roam around in 3-D.

If you have an Xbox, you can try your own skill at landing on Mars. As a free download, students can also learn to be a rover driver and make their own discoveries in a new NASA Mars experience with KODU, a new visual programming language accessible for children and made specifically for creating games.

Want to fly to Mars aboard Curiosity? Try Eyes on the Solar System.

And don't forget, you can get the latest on Martian discoveries anywhere, anytime on Be a Martian mobile apps on all devices: Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

Plus look for information on your favorite social media sites, Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

There are many ways you can learn about the Red Planet and all about the NASA missions there. Mars, it's all about learning.