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Spacecraft Design Questions (for students)

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Here is your design problem for today. How can you design a spacecraft that will make it all the way to Saturn - 800 million miles away from Earth? To design your spacecraft, you and your design team are going to work together and make decisions about the following things.

• How will you protect the spacecraft in the icy cold temperature of deep space?cartoon view of planets

• How will you control and keep in touch with your spacecraft?

• How will you keep the spacecraft safe if it is hit by a space particle (a micrometeoroid,
dust particle, or ring particle)?

• What do you want the spacecraft to try to find out at Saturn?

• Do you think you should send humans on the spacecraft? If you think you should send
humans, how will they survive?

• What are some problems that might be encountered with the spacecraft on the journey
to Saturn?

• What will you name your spacecraft?

• Why did you choose that name?

Once you think of possible solutions to these design problems, your design team will draw a sketch of your Saturn spacecraft. Remember to include everyone's ideas!