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Planetary Science Majors

The following are announcements of opportunity for planetary science majors interested in the JPL Graduate Fellowship.

Project Title: Icy Worlds Simulation Lab

AO Number (Required in subject line of email application): 1013

Desired Number of Participants: 2

Background Information: The surfaces of icy satellites in the joivan system undergo significant processing as a result of interaction with the charged particle population confined within Jupiter’s magnetosphere. As there are currently no missions available to investigate these effects, relevant knowledge must be gained by laboratory experiments as well as by studying similar surface processing effects that occur elsewhere in the Solar System.

Project Description:This project will aim to gain further insight into interactions between planetary ices and charged particles, with the goal of supporting the group’s involvement in future outer planet missions. The project may be carried out as theoretical modeling, experimental work or a combination of both. Similar surface processing is known to also occur at a reduced level on several of Saturn’s icy moons. As a result, the project may also involve the study of Cassini instrument data from flybys of Saturn’s moons Mimas, Enceladus, Tethys, Dione and Rhea.

Web or Literature References: Hand, K.P., Chyba, C.F., J.C. Priscu, Carlson, R.W. & K.H. Nealson (2009) Astrobiology and the Potential for Life on Europa. In Europa. Eds. R. Pappalardo, W. McKinnon, & K. Khurana. Univ. of AZ Press.

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Suggested/required Background/skills, Courses: Physics, Chemistry, Planetary Science