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Mechanical Engineering Majors

The following are announcements of opportunity for mechanical engineering majors interested in the JPL Graduate Fellowship.

Project Title: Flowline modeling of Greenland Ice Sheet

AO Number (Required in subject line of email application): 1052

Desired Number of Participants: 2

Background Information: Student will work within the ISSM group (Ice Sheet System Model). ISSM is the JPL/UCI developped ice flow model used to inform sea level rise projections in the near future.

Project Description:
Projections of future sea level rise are inherently very sensitive to parameterisation of ice flow models in Greenland and Antarctica.

In order to reduce such uncertainties, the students will help setup sensitivity analysis studies of ice flow in Antarctica and Greenland.

This will involve using ISSM to define the boundaries of major basins in Greenland and Antarctica, according to flow lines observed, or modeled.

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Suggested/required Background/skills, Courses:
FEM simulations.