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Computer Science Majors

The following are announcements of opportunity for computer science majors interested in the JPL Graduate Fellowship.

Project Title: Cloud Computing for Mission Operations

AO Number (Required in subject line of email application): 801

Desired Number of Participants: 1

Background Information: Cloud Computing is changing the the industry approaches its IT needs. The bursty nature of NASA spacecraft operations make cloud computing a natural and cost effective fit for mission operations.

JPL is leading the way in research and development to address the key challenges associated with cloud computing. Some of the key concerns include security, robustness, and vendor independence. The trail blazing research is paving the way for other federal institutions to adopt cloud computing.

Project Description: The first student will design a provisioning and monitoring interface for cloud computing resources.

The second student will configure local instances of Eucalyptus to address the challenges of vendor lock-in with Amazon's EC2 services. The student will then deploy AppScale on these instances to provide a sandbox for testing and deploying Google App Engine applications. The student will also solicit requirements for mission critical applications that can leverage AppScale and improve AppScale to comply to these requirements. Lastly, the student will configure AppScale to run in multiple availability zones for the utmost resilience and robustness.

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Suggested/required Background/skills, Courses: PhD student working on a research project relating to distributed systems and cloud computing.