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We're the Scientists - Transcript for Space School Musical (8)

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SCIENTISTS: Yoo hoo!  Buongiorno!  Hello!
SCIENTISTS: You called?
HANNAH: Um, Are you who I think you are?
SCIENTISTS:  I think we are who you think we are.

I'm Galileo.
I'm Isaac Newton.
And I'm Albert Einstein.

HANNAH: What are you doing here?

SCIENTISTS: We've come to take you out of your quagmire.

We're the scientists, we understand you
We're the experts, don't be afraid to fail
We're the scientists, we want to help you
Believe you can do it - take a breath and exhale

Life's a big experiment
We don't  know how and why
But your dreams will never come true
If you won't even try

They say the greatest risk
Is to risk nothing at all
So get back on that horse
Every time you fall

That's easy for you to say - you're like the most famous geniuses ever. What would you guys know about failing?

Oh come on, Bella, nobody's perfect.  Take it away, Isaac!

I made my big discovery
When an apple fell on my head
It could have been a bad day
But I made a positive of it instead
Because my mind was open
I discovered a powerful law
Gravity rules our planet
And the whole world was in awe
Oh you had it easy!

I designed the 1st telescope
To investigate the sky
But what I ended up discovering
Actually made me cry.
Nobody believed my ideas
Even though I was correct
When I tried to convince the public
I was put under arrest!

Oh you think that's bad ...

My relatives didn't get relativity
They made fun of my hair
They made me regret ever sharing
That E = MC2 (MC squared)
But I persisted with my theory
And found people who understood
Now I'm a legend
Like the Little Engine Who Could.

Do you think you can?  I think I can.
Do you think you can?  I think I can.
Do you know you can?  I know I can.
Get it? Got it? Good.


Scientists are curious people
We never stop asking questions
The answers lead to more queries
And sometimes indigestion

To know is to ask
To ask is to know
If you're not facing your fears
Then how will you ever grow?
For instance ...

Copernicus shook things up when he said planets circled the sun
Fibonacci & his sequence took quite a while to find the sum
Kepler's elliptical orbit idea was first taken as fiction
And Darwin's very theory created controversial friction

People told Benjamin Franklin to go fly a kite
And because of Edison's tenacity, we now can see at night
Mrs. Herschel had ups and downs before she won a prestigious honor
Huygens skipped dinner observing Saturn's rings & yonder

Pasteur and his Petri dishes made everybody squirm
While Halley sat patiently waiting for his comet to return
Marie Curie was radioactive before she won 2 Nobel Prizes
And Hubble showed that the universe will always be different sizes 

Goddard was made fun of when he believed man could go to the moon
While Stephen Hawking and his black hole really cleared the room
Kuiper gave us new techniques for looking at the sky
But his ideas weren't even proven until 20 years after he died

We tell you all these facts, not to bring you down
But to remind you that we're all human, and we weren't always renowned
It took years of hard work and belief in our dreams
But no matter how tough it gets, it's never as bad as it seems

'Cuz we're the scientists, we understand you
We're the experts, don't be afraid to fail
We're the scientists, we want to help you
Believe you can do it…

HANNAH:  I believe I can do it!

We believe you can do it!

Take a breath and exhale!

Bye Bye! Ciao! Auf Wiedersehen! Bye!

Hey Newton - do you have a brother named Fig?

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