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Meteor-Wrong Blues - Transcript for Space School Musical (5)

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HANNAH:  Wow ... what was that flash of light?  Hey – are you a comet?

METEOR:  A comet?  You've got to be kidding me.

HANNAH:  Oh, I'm sorry.  Didn't mean to upset you.

METEOR:  Kid, you don't know the half of it.

Sometimes I don't feel right
Like I'm a Meteor-Wrong
Wandering alone at night
So I sing this sad, sad, song
Cuz I'm misunderstood
Lots of people think I'm a comet
And that don't feel so good
It makes me feel totally unwanted

Let's set the record straight
I've got a few types of names
None of 'em are as hip as Hale Bopp
But it's my only claim to fame

When I'm up in space
I'm called a Meteoroid
I'm just a pea-sized piece of rock
I'm homeless and unemployed

When I'm in Earth's atmosphere
I'm called a Meteor
Just a quick flash of light
I'm sorry if you wanted more
But I'm doing the best
I'm doing the best that I can
So if you're looking for something long lasting
Then I guess I'm not your woman

They call me a shooting star
But I'm not even a star
I'm a tiny piece of debris
That's going fast and really far
Sometimes I can reach speeds
Like 100,000 miles an hour
But if I'm from a comet
You can see me in a meteor shower

Sometimes I hit the ground
That's when I'm a Meteorite
I cause a big explosion
I don't mean to be impolite
I'm just a complex girl
A complex girl who makes mistakes
But if I land on your house
I didn't mean for everything to break

So if you wish upon me
Well, I hope it comes true
But if it don't
There's nothin' I can do
Cuz sometimes I'm just
A Meteor-Wrong and that is just the truth
Til then I've got the pitiful Meteor-Wrong blues!!!

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