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Orbital Mechanics/Gravity - Transcript for Space School Musical (3)

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HANNAH:  Space is so cool!  It's like a big party.  There's a pulse that keeps the groove, but what make everything move?

We like to move it. We like to groove it.  We like to, we like to, we like to move it.

Gravity's got a grip on me, gravity can get heavy
Gravity's a force that brings me down, down, down, down

Rotation needs coordination
Dizzy whizzy fly gyration
Whirling, swirling, turning, spinning
Round, round, round, round

Revolution is the way we roll
Ring around the orbital
Swivel, cycle, circle
Loop the Sun, Sun, Sun, Sun

Magnetizing is hypnotizing
It's so strong there's no compromising
Attracting, bringing, pulling,
It's so fun, fun, fun, fun

Propulsion is to accelerate
Caffeinate right into space
Push, propel, launch
Into the air, air, air, air

Trajectory - what the heck does that mean?
Hit a moving mark accurately
Direct connect, aiming
But to where, where, where, where

Gravity. It's a pull party. Gravity. You got a hold on me.
Rotation. No fakin'. Rotation. Gyration.
Revolution. Keep loopin'. Revolution. Keeps cruisin'
Magnetize.  Hey guys. Magnetize. Don't be shy.
Propulsion. Keep the motion. Propulsion. Big explosion.
Trajectory. You got the best of me. Trajectory. Aim for what you see.

We like to move it, move it.   We like to groove it, groove it.
We like to, we like to, we like to -- MOVE IT!!!

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