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Planetary Posse - Transcript for Space School Musical (2)

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HANNAH:  Wow.  Where am I?  Who are you guys?

We are the place to be in the Galaxy
The Planetary Posse for everybody to see
We are the place to be in the Galaxy
If you don't hang with me
You're just a wanna-be!

I am the Sun burning bright for everyone
Four million tons of hydrogen turned helium

It's no delusion - it's just nuclear fusion
It's been proven that I'm always movin'

I've got the pull - keepin y'all in line
Got ya' spinning on your axis throughout space and time

Put your hands up in the air to see a solar flare
C'mon feel the commotion of this giant explosion!

He's hot (How hot?)
10,000 degrees
He's big (How big?)
Almost a million miles
He's old (How old?)
4 billion years
And if you don't believe me, just ask my peers.

We got Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars
They're my crew along with all the other moons and stars
There's Jupiter, Saturn and of course Uranus
He's a really nice planet though his name is heinous
Don't forget Neptune, Pluto and his dwarfy friends
The Universe is cool because it never ends.

Each one of these peeps has got something to say
The most talented troupe in the Milky Way

Yo' I'm Mercury, you can call me Merc
First planet in line but that don't make me a jerk.

Yeah, I'm #1, I go around the sun
In just 88 days, I get cold and then I blaze.

I'm not tilted or wilted 'cuz I got no air
Covered with craters so please don't stare.

I'm rocky and stocky built like a jockey
Smallest of our bunch, made with metals, packed with punch - Yo'!

V to the E to the N – U – S
I'm the hottest and brightest, don't be envious

I've got a nickname, it's "Morning Star"
And I'm covered in clouds that are thick as tar

There are volcanoes all over my surface
Forgive me if I'm volatile, it's not on purpose

I'm the 2nd closet planet to the Sun
If you like sulfuric acid we could have some fun

Third is the word, my name is Planet Earth
I'm oozing with life, every day I give birth

To plants and people and animals and bugs
I'm like a big round mama and I love to give hugs

To the north pole - Whoa!
And the south pole - Whoa!
To the moon - Whoa!
And the O2 - Whoa!

I'm a blue & white marble, floating in space
With jungles, rocks, and oceans and tectonic plates

I got an atmosphere, biosphere, geosphere & hydrosphere
And if that's not enough I even got a cryosphere

8,000 miles wide but I don't need a diet
Got lots of gravity, dare you to defy it
I've got summer, winter, spring and fall
If you haven't guessed yet - I've got it all!

'Sup I'm Mars - I'm red as rust
Topped with canyons and craters all covered in dust

Got CO2 and H2O
Will people live on me? Wouldn't you like to know?

I got 24 hours in my day
And I'm a lot like Earth some scientists say

But I own 2 moons and lots of dunes
C'mon hit the floor for planet # 4

I'm Jupiter and I'm really huge
The largest planet, in fact, with 62 moons

Got a Great Red Spot on my face
And I'm the fastest spinner if you wanna race

I've got colored bands, a giant made of gas
There're clouds & storms all over my mass

Takes me 12 years to orbit 'round the sun
If you jive with # 5 then I'm your favorite one.

Hey everybody, I'm 6th and I'm Saturn
I got swirly winds in a stripey pattern

I'm pretty famous for my pretty rings
But what I really love to do is dance and sing

With my 62 moons I'm never alone
Hydrogen and helium call me their home

My magnetosphere makes a gorgeous aurora
Loop the Sun in 29 years, hope that doesn't bore ya'

I'm lucky # 7, Uranus is my name
Living way up in the heavens, got some ice and methane

I like to spin on my side
And in reverse, kick it with a backslide

I'm electric and greenish blue
Got lots of seasons and 27 moons

In 84 years I'll orbit our Sun
Doing windmills the whole way, poppin', lockin', spinning, spun

Yo' I'm Neptune and I'm really far out
I've got a Great Dark Spot, that's nothin' to laugh about

I'm freezing cold, got methane ice
I'm blue as an ocean in paradise

My 13 moons and I like to travel
Plus I've got a few rings made of rocks and gravel

All of my days are not very long
Just 17 hours - almost as long as this song

I'm the 8th and last planet out of my homies
165 years from the Sun - it can get kinda lonely

Hi I'm Pluto and I've been demoted
I demand a recount for all who voted

Now I'm a dwarf planet hangin' in the Kuiper Belt
But I still can jam it, so cool I'll never melt

I got 3 moons and a few new pals
Here's the other dwarfs in alphabetical

There's Ceres, Eris, Haumea & Makemake
Maybe 200 more which is quite a shocka'

I'm the king of the munchkins but that's alright
I'm still a stella fella and I'll always shine bright

(Repeat Chorus)

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