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What Are Scientists and Engineers Like?

What Are Scientists and Engineers Like? The NASA/JPL engineers and student intern above particiapted in a panel discussion about careers in engineering. Image credit: NASA/JPL Go to video

People who grow up to be scientists and engineers usually are curious about how things work, whether it is a mechanical object or a process they see in nature. They also tend to ask questions and aren’t satisfied until they find the answer. In school, most of them enjoyed studying math and science.

One of the best ways to know what scientists and engineers are like is to talk to them. Talk with friends, family members, teachers, school guidance counselors and others about your interests and ask them to recommend people whom you might be able to talk with. When you get a chance to spend time with such a person, be bold - ask a lot of questions, in particular learn if he or she would be willing to talk with you further when other questions come up.  (Be sure to leave your name!)

Our Web site offers lots of profiles of interns who are considering careers in science and engineering. Be sure to check those out. We also had a video program with engineers and a student intern discussing how they got to be where they are. That would also be a good thing to watch.

Finally, if you decide that a career in science or engineering is for you, don't give up when obstacles arise, as they always do.  Two other traits of people who choose careers in these and related fields are determination and persistence. Other people just like you have made it, and so can you.