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What Opportunities Does JPL Offer?

What Opportunities Does JPL Offer? At the 2009 Open House, a test model of the Mars Science Laboratory, the next mission to Mars, rolled over rocky terrain. Image credit: NASA/JPL

JPL holds a two-day Open House each spring. Come walk around and bring your parents. You can talk with JPL scientists and engineers about the work they do. You can also learn about the latest results from space missions, see technology demonstrations and pick up materials that describe the results of our work.

Students can participate in JPL's annual "Invention Challenge," in which teams design, build and operate equipment to accomplish an engineering feat each year. A list of competitions that JPL sponsors are on the Student Competitions page.

Throughout the academic year, JPL sponsors monthly public talks by scientists and engineers at JPL and at Pasadena City College. Caltech, JPL's parent organization, also offers the monthly Watson Lectures.