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Build a Space Mission Game: Non-Flash Version

(Note to user: The following is a description of the interactive game called Build Your Own Space Mission. This description explains what happens in the game but because of the interactive features of the game, the game is only available in flash. If you need more information about the game, please contact

Step 1: Make Your Scientist or Engineer
Users can choose a hair style, hair color, face shape, skin color, mouth shape, lip color, eye shape and eye color for their scientist or engineer.

Step 2: Style Your Scientist or Engineer
Users can choose clothing and accessories for their scientist or engineer.

Step 3: Design Your Lab
Users can select equipment for their lab and they can paint the wall of their lab.

Step 4: Choose Your Spacecraft
Users can select an orbiter or a rover, paint their spacecraft, re-size their spacecraft and select instruments for their spacecraft.

Step 5: Choose Your Spacecraft's Destination
Users who chose to build an orbiter can select from the following destinations: Mars, Saturn, Jupiter or Earth orbit. Users who chose to build a rover can select from the following destinations: Mars North Pole, Mars Equator, Saturn's moon Titan or Earth's moon.

Step 6: Rocket Launch
Users place their spacecraft into the nose of the rocket and launch the rocket.

Step 7: Spacecraft Safely Arrives at Destination
With the spacecraft safely at its destination, users can move the spacecraft or lander and click on the spacecraft instruments. When an instrument is selected, a screen appears that shows what data the instrument collected. The data from the instruments shows images from real NASA space missions.

Step 8: Congratulations
Users see their spacecraft at its destination along with a picture of the scientist or engineer in the lab they designed. Users can print this picture or email it.

Useful link: Visit our page of videos that features information about real or future NASA missions: